Sunroomstudio Recordings

Record Label - House Techno Trance DJs & Producers

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Sunroomstudio Recordings is an Australian underground dance music label.

The label's name comes from our studio where we have developed and produced underground music for over a decade.

Sunroomstudio is a vehicle for unrestricted creativity for our artists and we specialize in producing original high quality underground dance music. The artists at Sunroomstudio Recordings never adhere to the popular demand of stolen sample work or re hatched & overly used ideas.
Each artist is an individual functioning under their own conceptual ideas and as a whole, they have become a forum of new ideas and discussions. We believe that our forms & styles of underground music share the same energy. We are attempting to make this connection by releasing music that has a wild & unrestricted spirit.

Please feel free to listen to our track releases & DJ sets or check what's going on in the Brisbane party scene.

If you are interested in booking DJ's or purchasing our tracks, please contact us using the link and we will be in contact.